Dirk Pinkerton

North Carolina knife maker Dirk Pinkerton had an interest in knives from a very young age. Initially in his formative years, he was fascinated with traditional hunting knives and general outdoor knives. When he grew up, he spent nearly twenty years in the private security industry, where he began to take notice of small, concealable knives meant to be carried for self defense, along with general utility knives. Working in private security afforded Pinkerton the opportunity to work with, and train with many various law enforcement agencies, as well as fire & emergency response departments and various military and government agencies & organizations. Pinkerton credits those experiences, along with his day to day interactions with those professionals as key in the development of his knives. Dirk Pinkerton’s designs have his unique look about them. Upon closer inspection, they reveal themselves to be simple, straightforward knives, with purposeful, clean design elements. Dirk’s designs tend to deliver an excellent blade to handle ratio, which permits the use of multiple grip positions safely, and comfortably. Pinkerton’s knives tend to emphasize compactness and conceal-ability for the law enforcement & public safety professional. Soldiers, policemen and defense minded citizens have all taken notice of Dirk’s designs, when choosing discreet, yet highly effective knife options for personal defense.



  My design philosophy is simple and straight forward. A design big enough to get the job done, but in the smallest package. It should have a comfortable but versatile grip. It should be able to handle whatever task you would expect a knife to handle ...Dirk Pinkerton  


Darrel Ralph
Darrel Ralph is known to many as the “MADD” scientist with regard to how he consistently defies all logic by mixing seemingly unmixable materials together and, in the end, produces a masterpiece that leaves you standing there with a smile on your face and your jaw wide open! His ability to blend form and function with art  runs unmatched in the knife-making world.  As an engineer he draws from his vast experience and hands-on development to bring you a knife that will be treasured for generations to come.  His mentorship in the knife community is legendary and reflected in not only how many designs that mirror his products- but also in the number of high profile knife makers that are seeking a design collaboration.  His bigger than life persona is carried over into his knife designs and his leadership safeguards the quality control of the brand that carries his name.  He does not settle for second best.  Second to Darrel is always first loser.  If you want to be a part of the collection of forward thinkers that own his designs you’ve come to the right place.  Form, fit and function all have a place in your life if you own a Darrel Ralph knife. So…what are you waiting for?  In Darrel’s words-
  My design philosophy is simple -- Advanced Innovative Design coupled with a healthy dose of  Form, Fit, Function, and an Imagination  keep us atop the leader board.  We don’t settle for second best- why should you? ...Darrel Ralph




Randall King

Randall King is a custom knife maker and designer, who has been making knives professionally since 1987. His custom work has appeared in several major motion pictures, most notably “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Crow”, “Geronimo”, “Somersby”, and “ The Broken Chain” . He is well known in the knife business to collectors and industry leaders alike, for his unique designs and precision fittings utilizing elevated technology.

Randall is one of the premier knife engineers of our time, A master of the modern automatic knife, Randall has been instrumental in the development and manufacture of high-performance USA made products.

Randall has produced knives for several of the industry leaders including “Meyerco”, “Sig arms”, “Ruger”, “Al Mar Knives”, “Spyderco”, “Masters of Defense”,” Blackie Collins Designs”, and others.

Randall’s knives have been the Focal Front cover exclusive knife for 3 leading American knife magazine, “Blade Magazine” April 2004, “Tactical Knives” November 1998, and “Fighting Knives”, November 1994 as well as featured in several foreign magazines including “Visier” Germany, “Excalibur”, France.

Randall King knives are a quality engineered and manufactured product with the highest grade of USA components available that makes a difference that you can see and feel.

“Quality Through Technology”

 King's custom work has appeared in several major motion pictures, most notably “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Crow”, “Geronimo”, “Somersby”, and “ The Broken Chain”  



Kirby Lambert

Kirby Lambert began making knives in 1994. His background includes attending school at the University of Calgary where he studied fine art and took many classes in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.  This education coupled with his fascination of knives, his creative passion and the enjoyment of working with his hands paved the way for Kirby to become a full time knifemaker in 2002.

Kirby specializes in tactical / utility folding knives which are bought by collectors as well as military and law enforcement officers who use them out in the field.

Kirby Lambert knives are made of the finest materials; titanium, carbon fiber, G10, and specialty steels such as CPM 154CM, CPM S30V and Stellite 6K.

Kirby Lambert has achieved many goals and is recognized as one of the finest knifemakers of his time.  His work has been featured in many publications such as Blade Magazine, American Handgunner, Tactical Knives, and Excalibur as well as being featured on the cover of Blade Magazine.

 I believe that a knife should not only look good, but first and foremost a knife should be functional as well ...Kirby Lambert 


Greg Lightfoot

I Have been making knives for 25 years full time.
I live on a ranch in Alberta Canada where I designe Tatical folders and Fixed blades.
I do all of my testing on my ranch the knives start on paper and go to testing in some real world conditions.
I hunt wild hogs with the Pitbulls I raise on my ranch . Killing Hogs with a knife is a great way to tell if a knife is going to work.



  Killing Hogs with a knife is a great way to tell if a knife is going to work. ...Greg Lightfoot 


Master Sergent - Grady Burrell

Master Sergeant Grady Burrell, US Army (Ret) is a lifelong outdoorsman who served 20 years in the US Army. He served in a number of billets beginning with Military Police, Company Armorer, Recruiting and Retention NCO, MP Investigator, Recruiter and Dept. of the Army Senior Advisor. Grady has met and studied with knife designers in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Peru, Colombia, Austria, Afghanistan, England, Mexico and Canada. He owns a home and workshop in Tok, Alaska (the coldest inhabitable city in the USA), allowing him to test knives, firearms and other kit in extreme cold weather conditions. Since his retirement Grady has served as a Military Liaison, Government LE Representative, Director and Vice President (respectively) for three US Military Contracting Companies. His most unique experience may have been meeting King Abdullah II of Jordan and advising him on equipping his military—the King was a Sandhurst-trained soldier, and extremely well versed in military tactics and operations. Working with him on the subject of equipment was both challenging and rewarding. Grady is a longtime fan of NASCAR and MMA fighting, and enjoys trout fishing when he can.

 U.S.A. Made products that work in the field is what I am about Master Sergent - Grady Burrell 


Our mission is simple - To Build High Tech, High Quality, Hand Crafted Products!